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To create these images, Nickolay Lamm contacted Remik Ziemlinski from Climate Central, who provided more precise versions of the same maps that were originally featured in the New York Times article. Lamm found stock photos of the locations and then used Google Earth to figure out exactly where they were taken, Nickolay was able to use the sea level rise maps to figure out how much flooding would occur at these locations. He then used topography maps to work out how high above sea level the photographer was when they took the photo.

Taking all of this into account, Nickolay digitally altered the images to show the projected rise in sea level. The white cones on the maps show the location and angle of the camera of the original stock photo.

Luckily, it would take a few centuries for the water level to rise 25 feet, but it is expected to rise 5 feet between 100-300 years and 12 feet by 2300.

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Via Huffington Post

Images courtesy of Nickolay Lamm/Storage Front