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Acclaimed British artist Damien Hirst recently put his own funky spin on the ordinary bike to raise money at this year’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) fundraising gala. donated a handful of bicycles, lamps, and even a Champion Pro Football table to a handful of creatives and invited them breathe new life into them in keeping with the gala’s “Psychedelic” theme. To be held in London on March 29, 2011, the event’s many festivities will include both a live and silent auction of these fascinating pieces.

Ai Weiei, Gary Hume, Gary Webb and Mark Tichner are among others who were chosen to transpose’s pieces with a personal, creative touch. The results comprise such surprises as Ai Weiei’s crumpled bike fit for a scene in A Nightmare Before Christmas, and Gary Hume’s enigmatic black bird bike.

ICA UK is the original not-for-profit multi-disciplinary arts center established in 1947 by a collective of artists, poets, and writers to explore contemporary culture.

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