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Agdad is no stranger to creating film sets – the artist is an award-winning producer of stop-motion films. His sculptures are photographed in black and white and sepia tones, so they look as if they’ve been lifted right from a 1940’s film. Ancient switchboards buzz with cardboard wires, and cavernous subway tunnels run alongside cardboard tracks. Agdad also specializes in retro exteriors, like the classic Empire Diner, which comes complete with a coffee drinking patron. He’s also created a monochromatic skyscraper emblazoned with the Amalgamated logo at the base of a meshy cardboard antenna tower.

With the utmost precision, the artist can transform sheets of cardboard into the most delicate details, and he holds the conglomerations together with PVA glue. He describes his fine sculptures as “sketching with cardboard”.

For his latest exhibition, slated to open on October 26 at Off the Kerb Gallery, Agdad has been influenced by vintage machinery. Fine gears, delicate pipes and tiny wheels make up the cardboard machine sculptures. The delicacy of his work is amplified by the displays – each piece is kept safe under a vintage-looking bell jar case.

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