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© Lucas Frechin

Crasset’s Maison Sylvestres enable guests to become one with the lush forest that surrounds them. The first of the four cabins will open this week, quaintly called The Birdhouse (Le Nichoir). Situated along a patch of forest called The Trail of the Wind (which sounds more romantic in French- Sentier du Vent), the structure resembles an actual birdhouse only in its peaked roof and plank-like entry.

The two-storey cabin is a rustic form made by simply turning a cube onto one point. Initially, Crasset designed the structure to showcase her signature flair for bold color touches – but the actual construction is much more sedate. Made from steel and extremely lightweight wood, The Birdhouse rests on poles that preserve the untouched forest floor. The interior is minimal, with a storage and sitting area on the first floor, and a sleeping loft on the second.

The Birdhouse’s focus is truly on the exterior – and on beauty of the surrounding forest. The building’s elevated terrace is large enough to cook, dine or relax upon. Each of the anticipated structures places emphasis on the outdoor porch, as well as the well-loved porch swing! Crasset’s other cabins promise to offer a different experience, and are lovingly named The Deer, The Chrysalis and The Mushroom. We look forward to their construction and we’ll bring you the latest as they are completed so stay tuned!

+ Matali Crasset

+ Les Vents du Forets

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