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Ally Capellino was drawn in part to Duncan MacAskill’s work by their shared appreciation for humble materials and honest production. Ally Capellino’s bags, crafted from leather and wax canvas, are manufactured locally as much as possible, with several lines made by small family businesses not far from the East London shop.

The self-portraits and abstract paintings by MacAskill sport fields of colorful thumbtacks and pins, the hues complementing Ally Capellino’s bags. Some thumbtacks are left bare, while others are painted to get the desired effect. The intention is to pay tribute to the design classic that is the thumbtack — or as they’re called in England, the drawing pin. Tempted to raid the office supply cabinet yet?

+ Duncan MacAskill

Photo of Duncan MacAskill courtesy Duncan MacAskill. All other photos by Charlene Lam for Inhabitat