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Evol draws inspiration from the suggested history of the tattered, used pieces of cardboard and scrap metal that he creates his work upon. The printed words, colored stains or weathered splotches are all incorporated into images of desolate city streets, vacant alleys and run down buildings. The texture of torn cardboard or oxidized metal is translated into details of the architecture represented in his work.

Visually referencing the dilapidated low income housing in Berlin, Evol’s revival of these discarded pieces of material creates a commonality between subject and medium that would not be as effective if pristine canvas was used. The meticulously detailed and dimensional architectural imagery is created by using a series of finely cut stencils, which Evol layers to create an interplay between light and shadow. These stencils are then applied to his flawed, recycled materials.

Evol also takes his social commentary beyond the gallery setting. The artist has a prolific street art career, transforming electric boxes, railings, and other architectural elements into miniature scale model buildings, which continue his studio work of portraying neglected housing.

Via This is Colossal