Czech artist David Cerny has created a giant middle finger sculpture aimed right at the government buildings of Prague. Cerny’s oversized purple hand sculpture floats in the Vltava River, and is a shot at President Milos Zeman for his support of the Communist party. The artist wanted to drive his point across by making his work larger than life, ensuring that everyone would be able to see the politically-driven purple hand, even from afar.

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The giant hand, which is made form paper, floats in Prague’s main river adjacent to the Charles Bridge, and not far from the Prague Castle where President Zeman and his cabinet serve. Cerny and his team made the sculpture in his studio nearby, then transported it to the river where it was placed on a pontoon to float.

The exaggerated middle finger of the hand extends thirty-two-feet in the air like a spindly column. The soaring finger is Cerny’s message to the Czech people and government, and is a gesture opposing a plan by leftist Social Democrats that could let post-Communists take power in the country (the first time since 1989). The artist decided to take matters into his own hands by literally flipping the bird at the president through art.

This isn’t the first time Cerny’s innovative sculptures have gained the attention of the public and media. Last year, his retrofitted double decker bus wowed the press by doing push ups for the Olympic crowd.

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Via CBS News