We didn’t think Paris could get any more beautiful, but a recent installation on the Champs Elysees proves that the city of lights is a stir pot for stunning things constantly in flux. Artist Gad Weil recently hit the streets of the city with an amazing installation that transformed the famed boulevard into an incredible stretch of greenery. Dubbed “Nature Capitale,” Weil’s work of art took 8,000 parcels – totaling 323,000 square feet of land – and covered them with lush plant life. The incredible undertaking provided a welcoming space for over 2 million Parisians and tourists alike to frolic and laze some of the summer days away.

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Nature Capitale comes 20 years after Weil’s first installation “La Grand Moisson” on the Champs Elysees which used wheat instead of grass. This time, Weil collaborated with landscape architect Laurence Medioni on the two-day installation taking 150,000 plants and flora, all donated by local French farmers in dissent about the current financial state of the agriculture sector. For them, this piece of art embodied an expression of protest in addition to beauty.

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