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Hillary Fayle, Embroidered Leaves, ephemeral nature art, green materials, leaves

Hillary Fayle comes from the outskirts of NYC but is currently doing an MFA in Craft/Material Studies at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. She works with leaves as a primary material, embellishing them to create ephemeral tiny art pieces. Using a needle and colored cotton thread, she patiently gives new life to dry leaves fallen from trees.

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To protect and make her ephemeral art last longer, she coats the ornamented leaves with a non-toxic preservative. But adorning leaves, twigs and seeds with lacy patterns is not the only way the artist reflects her love for nature. She has also been experimenting with leaf cutting, creating intricate images and patterns that pay homage to the natural world.

+ Hillary Fayle

Via This is Colossal

Photos by Natalie Hofert