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badgast, refunc, the netherlands, art studio, shipping containers, green building, sustainable architecture

BadGast, which roughly translates to Bath Guest, is a modern live/work studio, located in a unique and artistic surfers village called F.A.S.T (Free Architecture Surf Terrain) on the beach in Scheveningen near the Hauge. FAST is a new urban beach community with a strong focus on the arts, protection of the sea as well as surfing. The program for the cultural container on the sea began in September 2009 and every month a new person has come to work on a sea or bather related project, which is then presented at the end of their time.

Refunc, who has built many other structures and buildings using shipping containers and reused materials, built the live/work studio container. The bottom twenty foot container serves as the resident’s art studio, which is very simply finished with untreated plywood, and the living quarters are located in a small ten foot container atop the studio, accessible through an outdoor staircase with a small deck on top.

Images ©Rob te Riet and Jan Körbes