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Kalusner’s work is a fusion of the past and our current times, and her work underscores how modern conveniences have shifted our way of being for the better, opened doors and turned these once wearisome tasks into something beautiful and enjoyable. As she describes the thought behind her work, “Sewing, embroidery, and knitting have enjoyed resurgences, sometimes even within the realm of fine art. Home cooking is once again gaining popularity. Within this atmosphere, the temptation to romanticize the past is strong. Yet, the availability of packaged foods is what allows us the time to pursue careers, to develop new technologies, to create.”

She believes that women of the 21st century can now choose to spend their day baking a loaf of bread or grabbing one right off the grocery store shelf after a long day at work — and in this comes their freedom. She continues,”The food on our tables may not be as tasty as it once was. It may not even be as wholesome. But it is important to take a step back and recognize the trade that has been made, and that what we have gained is not to be undervalued.”

+ Judith Klausner