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Kogure recently exhibited over 600 of her bright, whimsical octopi at Gallery Le Bain. Each of her marvelous mollusks is composed of recycled newspaper and carries a unique expression, color palette, and body composition. Most of her pieces are photographed on real beaches, where the discarded bits of trash become a celebration of ocean life.

With their bright hues and often humorous countenances, Kogure’s octopi draw upon aesthetics from animation and graphic art. Some resemble food items such as donuts, watermelons, and pickles that have sprouted appendages and faces. The eclectic horde invites the viewer to contemplate the sheer variety of organisms across the globe. Species diversity on the planet is as boundless as Kogure’s imagination, and her work is a reminder of the distinct personality and value of every living being.

+ Natsuko Kogure

Via Spoon and Tamago