Russian artist Nikolya Polissky is back with his latest work of handcrafted wood art. Polissky is well-known for his large-scale sculptures made out of reclaimed wood normally built in the middle of desolate landscapes. His latest work, an impressively large tower made from repurposed wood pallets, is destined to be ceremoniously burned for the upcoming traditional holiday of Maslenitsa.

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The tower is still a work in progress, but visibly stunning nonetheless. The large structure is made out of repurposed wood pallets and log tops. The next stage will see the tower covered with hay rolls that have been rejected as animal feed.

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Although quite majestic in volume and stature, the wooden sculpture has an unfortunate date with a fiery fate. The tower is slated to be ceremoniously lit on fire for the upcoming traditional holiday of Maslenitsa. The ceremony, which will take place on February 25th, is a local celebration that burns a symbol of winter to welcome in the spring.

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Via Archdaily

Photography by Ivan Polissky