An imaginative installation is currently underway in a New Orleans neighborhood. The project, dubbed ‘Dithyrambalina’, takes salvaged materials to create a giant community music box complete with instruments built into the structure. Brooklyn-based artist Swoon has triumphed with this fantastic idea for a public, interactive sculpture, which not only invites the community to participate in collective music making, but creates a permanent sculpture that blends in with the neighborhood. Visitors to the house will bring the building to life by producing sound as they walk through or touch the different parts of the home adorned with instruments.

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At the moment the project is in the preparation stages, with the facade design finished and the logistics of ‘instrumenting’ the building underway. Swoon has raised funding for the project through Kickstarter, reaching a total of almost $24,000 in donations so far! The artist has also formed important links with architects and suppliers of salvaged materials.

The project is set to celebrate the culture and music of New Orleans, and the new space will provide a venue for musicians to perform and for the local community to convene and enjoy each others’ company.

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