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Čurlejová started crafting colored pencil jewelry in 2010 when she was still a university art student. After experimenting with making jewelry from a variety of materials including metals and plexiglass, she finally settled on using colored pencils as her primary material. She currently lives in Liberec with her boyfriend, who helps her make the colored pencil jewelry that she sells around the world. Simple pieces take approximately three days to complete, whereas more complicated pieces may need a week or more.

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“Our jewelry are unique in the way we process pencils and we try to have world leadership especially because we do not use only [common] pencils,” Čurlejová told Inhabitat. “We use [special] editions [and] are still looking for new opportunities [to] buy pencils from all over the world.” For example, Čurlejová has a special partnership with the KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH, a Czech company that manufactures a variety of quality colored pencils, including the jumbo multicolored pencils and special black-dyed pencils that Čurlejová likes to use in her jewelry. Čurlejová has plans to launch a new collection of products, that won’t comprise just jewelry, from colored pencils in the near future.

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