This house wins Halloween. While most parents might be hesitant to give their children free reign over Halloween decorations, artist Christine McConnell‘s parents are most likely accustomed to her quirky talents. The Los Angeles-based photographer, who loves converting the ordinary into the scary, has transformed her parents’ home into the ultimate Monster Home.

Christine McConnell Monster Home

As a professional photographer who specializes in transforming tasty treats into macabre creations, McConnell is used to working with materials that aim to spook. However, with her latest impressive creation, she has taken her love of all things creepy to a whole new level.

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Christine McConnell Monster Home

Working with foam core insulation boards, paint, and green lighting, the artist was able to convert her parents’ ordinary suburban home into a large snarling, all-seeing spooky monster home. Add a fog machine to the mix, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate trick-or-treat destination.

+ Christine McConnell

Via My Modern Met

Photos via Christine McConnell