We’re not sure where to start with this one. The egregious waste of food? The waste of labor? Or the bizarre idolization of Pippa Middleton? Artist Laura Hadland recently created massive portrait of the now world-famous bridesmaid, Pippa. Taking 15,000 crumpets, a 100 jars of spread (including jams and Marmite) and more than a dozen helpers, the artist and her team worked tirelessly for 24 hours to create a collage of breakfast crumpets that measures a sizable 43 feet by 66 feet — the crumpets themselves weighed more than a ton! Hadland chose Pippa as her subject after the Kate’s little sis topped a Beefeater Grill poll looking for the celebrity Britons would most like to ‘wake up to breakfast with’. We just hope that all these crumpets were eventually consumed by someone and not just tossed out.

Via Daily Mail