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Located north of Brisbane, the Woodford Folk Festival is an annual music festival that celebrates a wide variety of music genres for six days and six nights. Built as the entrance to the festival’s main amphitheater, Woven Sky was constructed from materials that Wen-Chih and the architects harvested within a 12-mile radius of the site. The final installation stretches 300 feet long and nearly 50 feet tall.

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Artist Wen-Chih applied a special basket-weaving technique he learned from craftsmen in the mountains of Chiayi, Taiwan to the Woven Sky project. Each bamboo pole was felled and then split into four to five pieces before weaved together like a basket. Much of the installation was built by hand with little dependence on machinery. The organizers of the Woodwork Folk Festival see the installation, which will stay standing for three years, as a symbol of inspired transition.

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