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Yumiko Matsui, Tokyo, paper city, Shibuya girls, Osaka, Denpoas-in Street, japanese paper art, paper sculptures, biodegradable paper, humble paper, Art, Green Materials, Recycling / Compost

A self-taught paper artist, Yumiko Matsui has created detailed scenes of daily life in Tokyo’s Asakusa district. Her tiny detailed works aims to preserve the atmosphere of the old Tokyo she remembers from her childhood. A small store selling food on the street, soaring buildings emblazoned with advertising, and teahouses have all been represented using humble paper.

A row of houses and shops on Denpo-in Street is both beautiful and nostalgic. But Matsui’s first piece was based on Osaka because she really missed her parents and felt she could feel closer to them by recreating her hometown. The artist has also crafted a detailed collection of ‘Shibuya girls’ that add a human touch to her poetic, humble environments.

+ Yumiko Matsui

Photos by © Gustavo Rocha