If you have ever had to wait around in the rain or snow for hours waiting for a bus to arrive, then you can imagine the public transport situation in Detroit. With half of the bus routes cancelled and a serious lack of bus shelters throughout the city, waiting for bus can be unpleasant. The Door Stop project hopes to make travel in the city a little more pleasant with eye-catching portable shelters made of materials salvaged from abandoned homes.

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The bankrupt city has more than its share of abandoned housing, but at the same time, it has a lack of bus shelters, so designer Craig Wilkins decided to solve the problem by reusing abandoned house parts to make seating and shelter from the elements for the people waiting for a ride. Parts are either donated or salvaged and are assembled to create comfortable spaces that can be moved as routes or needs change. To make the stops a little more fun, artists create unique murals on each stop as well.

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The project has even won an award from the A’Design competition for Social Design and so far multiple artists have contributed their talents to making the stops stand out. The only problem with such gorgeous portable shelters is that a few of them have gone missing. But with such beautiful designs, you can hardly blame someone for wanting one of their own.

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