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This Halloween event features pumpkins that have been carved and conjoined to create dinosaurs, zombies, witches, sea monsters, and many other spooky sculptures. The dark nights of October provide a dark and gloomy backdrop for these haunting and grotesque displays. This year the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze introduced the Museum of Pumpkin Art, which features more than 20 new works from professional artists that put together sculptural works inspired by pumpkins. It is an unbelievable event celebrating the centuries-old tradition of creating jack o’lanterns to frighten off ghouls in the night.

The Historic Hudson Valley organization hosts this event along the riverfront, and it is just one of many that the non-profit puts on to celebrate the region’s culture. The Historic Hudson Valley is a museum of historic sites and an educational organization that owns, restores, preserves, and promotes the regions historic landmarks.

See many more photos over on Flickr.

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