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Forget city walls, DuDug’s innovative installation enlivens the high seas. Abandoned since 1979, the Duke of Lancaster ship served as a railway passenger ship from 1956 until it was replaced by a larger version 1979. The ship was used as a storage site for a clothing company for several years, but remained abandoned until DuDug came up with the idea of transforming it into an open air art gallery.

Artists such as KIWIE, Bungle, Lora Zombie, Fatheat and Fin DAC have taken the rusty steel and created large scale works in spray paint. Using cranes and hanging platforms, the artists have created eight giant murals thus far, which stretch up the three stories of the ship. More murals are planned, and should hopefully one day cover every inch of the Duke of Lancaster.

The project not only reuses a beautiful but forgotten piece of the UK’s history, but also helps to put the area along Wales’ River Dee on the map. Cultural projects such as DuDug’s can help innovate urban development by creating fresh landmarks that art lovers and tourists will want to visit- in effect enlivening the local economy.

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