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“Message in a Bottle” asked 50 artists to use the ancient tradition of throwing a bottle into the sea as inspiration to convey their own messages. Each was asked to recycle a bottle of their choice, and transform it into a one of a kind piece of art that contained a message for posterity. Painters, woodcarvers, illustrators and sculptors tried their hand at creating a personal message from a discarded bottle.

As visitors entered the exhibition, they were greeted by the rustic charm of alternating planks of remnant wood. The gallery sourced the planks from a local furniture maker, who planned to discard the remaining excess pieces. Adding a cobble affect, the planks were nailed to the walls and used to create shelving. Artist Beau Stanton also used recycled sustainable panels to create a gorgeous painted pattern along the walls.

Each of the pieces in the exhibition showed the artist’s flair for conveying a creative message, but perhaps the most meaningful was that of Kim Holleman. Like much of Holleman’s work, her piece Frozen Lake brought up the issue of environmental destruction by creating a faux piece of nature inside a scientific beaker, implying a future of nature fabrication. After the exhibition, the wooden pieces were donated to a local woodworker to be used again.

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Images ©Lori Zimmer for Inhabitat