On display at BKLYN Designs this weekend, the Askew Table, from OSO industries is gorgeous, sturdy, and difficult to break! Why would that be, you may ask? Well, because the table is made from concrete.

Made completely from highly polished concrete, and available in multiple colours, the table is one of a series of furniture pieces created by Eric Weil founder of OSO Industries. Even though the table is made from what is normally a fairly heavy material, the design of the piece with the unusual angles coming down to the base of the table creates a light aesthetic – as well as creating a functional pocket of storage space underneath the table.

Concrete is an interesting material to work with, since a good chunk of it can come from recycled content. Concrete can also, of course, be recycled at the end of its life time. It’s also incredibly malleable in the right conditions, thus explaining why it has been used to build almost all modern buildings. However ubiquituous it is in the building industry, however – it’s not often that one sees furniture being made from concrete. We have to hand it to Oso Industries for their creativity and their crafty skills in turning such a mundane and heavy material into something so surprisingly elegant. Well done guys!

+ OSO Industries