Choosing a material is probably the most fundamental decision a designer makes, and it has a profound impact on the aesthetics, function, and sustainability of an object or structure.

That’s why Mtrl, an initiative of ASM International is offering two exciting new workshops specifically created for designers. Held in Boston and Chicago, these “Wrkshps” provide an opportunity for designers of all disciplines to explore materials through the intersection of art, science, industry and product design.

First up is, Material Memories, presented by designer and materials specialist, Chris Lefteri. Held at the Museum of Science in Boston, June 15-16, this workshop addresses the experiential and emotional side of materials and design.

The following week in Chicago, June 22-23, ASM presents Materialization, a multi-part presentation focusing on the interface between design, engineering, and fabrication, featuring four industry leaders.

For further information and registration refer to the ASM Mtrl website.