We love the way buildings look (c’mon, we’re an architecture and design website), but sometimes the natural landscape is just too lovely to spoil by plopping a giant skyscraper onto it. Taking that into consideration, MVRDV has wowed us again with their plans for a luxury holiday resort that seems to have pulled up a lush green hilltop like a blanket and hidden itself under it. To be located in Montenegro, the grass-clad hotel seems to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings – the perfect place for a covert getaway!

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Dubbed “Galije” and located on a parcel of untouched coastline land, the resort is envisioned as a way to combine exclusivity with a responsible, sustainable embedding of the structure in its surrounding landscape. “The split/limbo we found ourselves in was to design an iconic exclusive luxury resort in projecting total of 100,000 library program that should be invisible. An exclusive residence under cover. As a result we designed the whole project as an offset to the terrain and covered it with a blanket of the original landscape. Where a higher density was needed we lift the blanket to create a hill. The iconic hotel is formed by pulling the blanket in front of the cliff to create a even more dramatic overhang. The more flat parts of the landscape hold the villa’s organized around their private patios facing the sea,” writes MVRDV on their website.

The resort would contain 115 apartments, 87 hotel rooms, a restaurant, a pool, a parking lot and retail space. We think MVRDV succeeded in this goal as the hotel is hardly distinguishable from the rough and green terrain except for its round windows showing through the grass.