A group of Aston University students has created this hydrogen powered “eco car” that made from cardboard and plywood. The car recently won Shell’s Eco-Design Award for pushing the boundaries of sustainable car design, and this week the unique cardboard vehicle will hit the track at the Sepang International Circuit in Kuala Lumpur to compete in the Shell Eco-marathon.

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The team’s aim was to create a hydrogen fuel cell car that would leave a ‘lasting impact’ on the judges. Designed as an urban car of the future, the concept offers exceptionally high fuel efficiency with unusual car materials capable of creating a truly sustainable design. The innovative car is constructed of cardboard that is sandwiched between plywood. Its tire covers are made from bio-resin, infused with hessian fibers and the whole structure is collapsible for easy delivery.

The Shell Eco-marathon is held annually in Europe, America and Asia. The goal of the race is to travel as far as possible on just 1 KWh or 1 liter of fuel. “The Shell Eco-marathon is about problem solving, innovation, smarter mobility, the talent of youth and the challenge of competition – it’s one of the most inspiring events we run,” stated Niel Golightly, Vice President, Shell Communications.

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