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According to the Iceland Review, the eruption of Holuhraun, a volcano in the Icelandic Highlands has been erupting since Aug. 29 and already covered seven square miles with lava, making it the largest lava eruption in Iceland since 1875. And it’s not slowing down; instead it’s progressing at a speed of 328 feet per hour.

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Icelandic photographer Iurie Belegurschi, co-founder of Guide to Iceland is definitely a daring dude because he decided to get up close and personal with Holuhraun, so close that he reports feeling the heat from the volcano on his skin. He took to the skies above the volcano via paraglider and came home with some incredible images that will no doubt stand the test of time. His images have the feel of something primordial, and show the essence of the Earth as being an orb filled with hot liquid and coated by a thin crust on which we precariously exist.

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Images via Iurie Belegurschi