New York City is known for cramming its inhabitants into some incredibly tiny apartments, and now realtors are getting into small digs as well. Case in point: check out the tiny office of Rapid Realty, which spans just 150 square feet. Despite the lack of breathing room, The Real Deal reports that this itty bitty space at 88 Bergen Street in Cobble Hill boasts several custom-built 17-inch desks and 13 employees—albeit not all at the same time.

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Rapid Reality COO Carlos Angelucci called the space a “cute little office” in an interview with The Real Deal. In reality, the office is meant to be more of a pit stop or Internet café for Rapid Reality’s brokers and clients to check out listings while most deals are made off site. And at less than $2,000 a month, the rent is worth the lack of square footage.

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This isn’t Rapid Reality’s only small space. The firm also operates out of another office in Prospect Heights that’s a smidge bigger at 175 square feet. Angelucci explains that the minuscule headquarters reflect Rapid Reality’s business model of keeping overhead costs low. In fact, the firm does not have a single office larger than 1,000 square feet.

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What’s more, the strategy counters how other retailers are moving to bigger digs. Corcoran is one prime example as the firm recently opened a new office with 100 desks at One Pierrepont Plaza. Angelucci says that Rapid Realty has 439 agents and 30 offices throughout Brooklyn, proving size really does not matter. Be sure to read the full interview and story at The Real Deal.

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