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Is it a lamp or is it a puzzle? Spotted at ICFF during New York Design Week, At Labo’s beguiling veneer lamps resemble wooden orbs, but bat one a bit with your hand and you’ll see that they’re super-light, hollow, and assembled using no glue or screws. Since each fixture is made of rich cherry splices, no two are alike, and the light emitted has a warm glow reminiscent of candlelight burning through a shoji screened home.

The pendant light fixtures are sold and shipped in flat-pack kits of 10 or 20 triangular pieces that have notches cut into them. The modular forms are laminated with clear polypropylene, making them durable, resistant to heat and easy to clean. If you do rip one though, simply send off for another kit since each piece is interchangeable and can be swapped out easily. The design is completely up to you, but the large orb is one of the most popular and versatile. Lighting units and bulbs are sold separately.

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