Most people don’t want their officemates to make a lot of noise during the workday, and it’d be pretty nutty to glance over and see a colleague batting at a felt mouse stuffed with catnip. Yet, if you could share your office with a kitten, all would be right in the world. Employees of Dona Ana County, New Mexico can take advantage of a “cat library” that allows them to do just that—borrow a kitten for the day to share their office space. For those of us who don’t work there, workplace negotiations are in order.

“Mews” of the cat library went viral after government employee Tiffany Tillison posted about the newest kittens on Reddit. Predictably, everyone in contact with her post came down with a severe case of “teh cute.” Tillison explained in her follow-up comments that the kitten lending program, run by the Animal Service Center of Masilla Valley, was the brainchild of the center’s public relations head. In my estimation, that person is a genius.

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Like many shelter animals, a lot of the kittens in the library (which is actually called the Kitty Kondo) have been abused or abandoned or both. Pairing them with a human for the day is a simple event that benefits both parties. The kittens enjoy socializing with people who—let’s face it—are likely to be open to the idea of lap naps. The employees experience some of the natural benefits of sharing time and space with a feline, like lower blood pressure, while spreading awareness for the county’s adoption program.

I work from home and I already have a cat, so I can attest to the sheer awesomeness of working with a feline companion. I’m certain the kitten factor turns it up to 11.

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Images via Tiffany Tillison/Reddit and Animal Service Center of Masilla Valley