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Atelier-f, Cultural Center, Switzerland, Angebauter Tarnrucksack, recycled military shelter, bunker, cable car station, Architecture, Green Materials, locally sourced wood

Located within the gorgeous Swiss mountains near the Rhine Valley, Angebauter Tarnrucksack was empty and unused for years. Its solid concrete structure has been transformed and now features a modern container-like addition wrapped in metal mesh that creates space for sanitary facilities and technology. On the inside, the original windows have been left as-is, offering fantastic views down the Swiss valley.

The interiors have been remodeled and new furniture was made using larch wood sourced straight from the forest outside. Because these types of shelters are solid yet very damp inside, a new ventilation system was installed to get rid off the moisture in the air. The new cultural centerhas an auditorium, eating space, exhibition space and toilet facilities providing a great space for the local community to enjoy culture and forget the sad past.

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