Abrantes Camping by Atelier Rua

The campsite is located near the river Tejo in the city of Abrantes, Central Portugal. The architects were commissioned to design spaces which would connect the existing separate buildings located between a residential area to the south and the riverside to the north.

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Abrantes Camping by Atelier Rua

“The idea of this building was to embrace the back-sides of the preexisting buildings, defining a new edge for the small town where it stands,” said studio co-founder Luis Valente. “In a sense its ‘liquid’ shape occupies the left-over spaces in between the preexisting buildings.”

Abrantes Camping by Atelier Rua

The addition is permeable and soft, thanks to the open screen of vertical fiberglass-capped steel louvers that run along the north facade. The louvers are spaced at regular intervals, creating a semi-transparent layer that meanders through the site. The horizontality of the design is disrupted by the pitched roofs of the existing buildings, which house a reception area and communal spaces.

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Photos by FG+SG