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The south facade of the sports hall was left open to naturally illuminate the interior and to providing views of the nearby practice fields and the River Seine. At ground level, fritted glass panels allow pedestrians to glance into the large exercise rooms, providing a bit of visual encouragement for the less ambitious passers-by on the street.

The architects explain that interfacing the building with the street was a priority for the design: “Emerging from the railway embankment as a rock with straight edges, the gymnasium manifests itself through its massive aspect, leaning over an illuminated rift that shows the interior activities.”

Although the project was designed to be “visually homogeneous” to the area, there’s no doubt that some of the building’s features make it stand out in the suburban neighborhood. Fluorescent tubes installed vertically within the dark gray perforated metal cladding allow the building to glow at night, converting the community center into a beacon of healthy living for the neighborhood.

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