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The new stadium will be an expansive 1.8 million square feet and will hold 71,000 seats. The main draw besides the game, however, will be the retractable roof with eight triangular petals that open by sliding apart diagonally, creating the illusion of circular motion. Inspired by the Falcon’s team logo, the architects consulted kinetic architecture consultant Buro Happold and the inventor of the Hoberman Sphere, Chuck Hoberman, to bring the architects’ dynamic vision to reality.

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In addition to using kinetic principlesto design the new stadium’s roof, the architects incorporated other transformative features that work in conjunction with the roof’s movement. When the roof opens, the stadium’s envelope of louvers and operable glass curtains also open, providing cross ventilation for the interior. For optimal viewing inside the stadium, a 58-foot-tall, 360-degree, high-definition “video halo” will hang from the roof’s trusses in order to show fans a magnified view of the game, something unavailable to those couch potatoes at home.

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