You’ve never seen a trike like this before. Designer Attila Tari’s electric Saddle concept is a tricycle with not only a saddle and equestrian-inspired seating position but also reins. Yes, reins. The Saddle concept was inspired by the mobility and connectedness to nature offered by horseback riding. Unlike a horse, the vehicle’s 3 independently controlled swivel wheels are maneuvered via a hemispherical gyroscopic steering mechanism that is manipulated by the driver’s left-hand fingers.

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The right hand controls the throttle, which is the bit modeled after horse reins. The two outside “reins” control the front wheels, while the center “rein” controls the back wheel. The design seems a bit overthought and overdesigned, frankly, but one of the benefits of such a complicated system is that the driver can execute a whole range of movements not possible on traditional bikes, including lateral movement or a complete circle around the rear wheel. That is, if the driver can master the controls. You’ll want to up your insurance coverage before you get on one of these babies.

Via Yanko Design