Audi recently revealed their slick A1 Sportback Hybrid at this year’s Paris Motor Show. Based on the A1 project Quattro concept released last year in Tokyo, the 5-door plug-in hybrid can run for 60 miles on a single charge, after which it gets an exceptional 72.4 mpg. Audi keeps cranking out concept vehicles that show future directions for the company, and their latest hybrid looks like another excellent entry.

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Measuring in a tad shorter than the A3, Audi’s new A1 Sportback Hybrid‘s small size and luxury styling pits it squarely against BMW’s Mini Cooper. The Sportback is powered by 1.4 TFSI petrol engine in addition to a 27hp electric motor that adds 150 Nm of torque, giving the vehicle a zippy 0-60 speed of 7.9 seconds. The vehicle is also able to calculate its fuel efficiency ahead of time, by determining changes in altitude and calculating how much extra power will be required as you drive.

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Via BusinessWeek