Audi will soon be revealing a super futuristic concept car with a staggered 1 + 1 seating arrangement, entry through the rear tailgate, a body composed of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, a sliding canopy roof, and propulsion from a pair of in-wheel electric “e-tron” motors backed up by a lithium ion battery. We can’t wait to see the real deal at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, but for now we’re happy to ogle these renderings of the one-of-a-kind Urban Concept car which were just released.

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The Urban Concept is designed to navigate congested urban spaces with “sporty performance.” We’re excited to see a concept car from a mainstream manufacturer making use of the 1 + 1 seating arrangement so often seen in concepts that never make it to production. Plus, who can resist wheel covers with strips of blinking LEDs? We’re just hoping Audi actually puts some of this tech to good use in the coming years. Please don’t be a tease, Audi. Every bit of this car is buildable, so build it you should.

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Via AutoBlog Green