The 2013 International CES officially kicked off this week in Las Vegas, and many automakers are using the show to showcase their latest vehicle technologies, which range from fully autonomous cars to new navigation and audio technologies. This year Audi is using the show to preview what it describes as the “lighting technologies of tomorrow.” The face of all of Audi’s models are dominated by futuristic looking LED headlights that increase visibility, but the lighting on future Audi will also reduce the chances of a collision.

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Audi’s future lighting technologies will react even more intensively to environmental conditions, will communicate in various ways with its surroundings and will be controlled fully electronically. Audi’s Matrix LED headlights use information from sensors and the navigation system and can adjust to changing driving conditions without needing a swiveling mechanism. A front mounted camera detects other vehicles, and can fade out parts of the high-beam headlights when oncoming traffic is detected. The headlights can also illuminate the areas between several vehicles in complex situations.

The rear of Audi’s future models will get a new laser tail light that provides other drivers behind with a bright, clear signal. In normal driving conditions the fan-shaped laser tail light that shines slightly downward is perceived as a red line on the road and prompts the driver behind to maintain sufficient distance – similar to a stop line. In fog or spray, the laser beam strikes the water droplets in the air and makes them visible; the line is then seen as a triangle.

Audi did not release a time frame for when we will see the new lights on a production model.

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