Audi is gearing up to add several new electrified models to its lineup, and two of them were revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. In addition to the new R8 e-tron and Q7 e-tron electric models, Audi is working on a fully-electric SUV that will have a driving range of over 300 miles. Amazing!

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The new R8 e-tron sports car is Audi’s first ever all-electric model and now we’ve learned that the R8 e-tron’s electric powertrain will be used for a second model. The R8 e-tron is powered by two electric motors that generate a total 455 horsepower and is able to travel up to 279 miles on a single charge. During the R8 e-tron’s reveal, Audi hinted that a second model is in the works, and an Audi source has confirmed that it will in fact be in SUV form.

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Unlike the Q7 e-tron, the new SUV will not be based on one of Audi’s current models. The new electric SUV will also get a bigger battery pack than the R8 e-tron, giving it a longer driving range to compete with the Tesla Model X. Audi hasn’t revealed what the new SUV will be called, but it will obviously have the e-tron name attached to it. Some rumors have tossed around the Q8 e-tron name, but Audi has yet to comment.

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