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The Skin Rugs series has taken Woodgate nearly two years to complete, and has involved a painstaking process that has her cutting up cuddly stuffed animals into various patterns, and stitching their synthetic and often stubborn, fur into succinct designs. Woodgate used the “skin” of the stuffed animals the same way one would to create an actual bear skin rug. Even more surprising is that fact that the Woodgate had never sewn before taking on this project!

Each rug uses somewhere between 50 to 70 toys that were either donated to her, found, or purchased from Goodwill. The incredible patterns depicted in each rug not only show her knack for choosing complimenting hues, but for creating eye-catching designs on a large scale — her smallest rug measures 7’x9′.

Although Woodgate admits the series was one of the more arduous undertakings of her career — from sourcing to sewing — she alsotells Sight Unseen this project is a personal favorite, and one she’ll continue to explore.

+ Agustina Woodgate

Via Sight Unseen