Baker Kavanagh Architects saw this abandoned heritage church as a prime opportunity to transform the space into two gorgeous luxury apartments. Located in Bondi, New South Wales, the landmark’s façade has been kept intact, while the interiors have been gutted and updated into elegant apartments. Called Mill Hill, the apartments  are unique living quarters with simultaneously contrasting and congruous aesthetics.

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Each apartment is centered around an internal courtyard lined with catwalks that look over a lit pool, in an open and airy design. Baker Kavanagh retained the decorative elements of the heritage church, with ornamental stained glass and filigreed wrought iron work crossing archways and offering architectural support. The original beams of the arched ceilings were emulated with new timber floors.

Beneath the catwalks, Baker Kavanagh built glass walled bedrooms, which overlook a blue lit rectangular pool. With the catwalk as a roof and the walkway outside of the bedroom resembling a boardwalk, the courtyard evokes a private lakeside cabin even thought it’s in a city center.

The upper floors’ walkways utilize the church’s buttresses as design elements as well. Baker Kavanagh continued with the open air plan by removing the roof from the ceiling of the buttresses to create open air skylights. Additional outdoor terraces were built to add a contemporary twist on the classical architecture of the outside.

The contrasting styles of the interior and exterior of the Mill Hill apartments fuse modernity with a stunning landmark.

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Via Australian Design Review