What better way to show off the history of the swimming pool and the impact it has had on Australian society, then to turn Denton Corker Marshall’s recently finished Venice Biennale Pavilion into one. The pavilion, at the hands of Aileen Sage architecture firm and urban designer Michelle Tabet, will be transformed into a swimming pool for the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.

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The display will feature a swimming pool, augmented by light, scent, sound, reflections and perspective, according to Dezeen. There will also be a display of various pools from around Australia including past and present styles, inland and coastal, temporary and permanent as well as natural and man-made.

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“From pools of necessity to pools of excess, the pool is a key architectural device, a memory and also a setting,” the curators said. Pools are also a great equalizer across societal differences, and exemplify many aspects of Australian culture. The pool will be the first architecture exhibit in the new pavilion, which will open for the 2015 Venice Biennale in May. The pavilion is designed as a white box inside a black box and replaces a temporary structure that was in place since 1988.

Via Dezeen

Images via Alex Mayes, Terry Rich and Christopher Frederich Jones