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Scheiger was in need of a place to hang his bike. He also needed a place to hang all of cycling caps and since he was thinking about it, a place to hang his umbrella. Scheiger has a thing for bicycles, a fetish for them in fact, so he set out to satisfy his obsession and create a functional piece of artwork at the same time. It was only half way through the project that Scheiger came across Pablo Picasso’s Bull’s Head, a found object sculpture of a bicycle seat and handlebars. Maybe Picasso had a thing for bikes too.

Scheiger collected a whole bunch of handlebars, stems, seats, and brake levers to build his Upcycle Fetish series. He sourced his materials from dumps, scrap dealers and used bike workshops. Then he cut and routed mounting plates from leftover wood, then routed mounting holes on the bike and screwed in the parts. Each trophy is built to hold a fair amount of weight for coats, bags and what not. The handlebar hangers are designed to support a bike, elevating it to a piece of art and not just a functional mode of transportation.

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Images ©Andreas Scheiger