The Austrian designers at Hans Sapperlot have given traditional loden fabric a cool and modern twist. By creating ‘invisible’ stitches in the woolen material, they turn the simple textile into a textured wonder. Their Smok range includes chairs, lamps and carpets, but we can think of plenty of new uses for this soft and biodegradable fabric!

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Loden is a water-resistant fabric derived from the coarse, oily wool of mountain sheep, and it has a natural bluish-green color. Its dense felt texture is achieved through an intensive shrinking process, and the fabric is widely used in traditional Tyrolese fashion.

By mixing this wooly material with the old embroidery smock technique, Hans Sapperlot creates an inimitable series of furniture that is sure to inspire a slew of other unexpected loden designs.

+ Hans Sapperlot

Photo © Hans Sapperlot