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green design, eco design, sustainable design, Dominic Ebenbichler, Upside Down House, Marek Rozhanski, Irek Glowacki, Tertens, AustriaPhoto ©Reuters / Dominic Ebenbichler Visitors may feel as if they are in a movie as they approach the Upside-Down House, which looks like it has fallen from the sky in a scene from “The Wizard of Oz.” The “top” of the house, with roof peaks, rests on its chimney stacks and a bed of rubble. The base of the home juts unevenly into the sky, as if ripped violently from its foundation.

Inside, the rooms have an anti-gravity effect. As visitors romp around on the ceilings, each personal effect of the home is kept in place. The fantastical family that “lives” in the upside-down house presumably has young children. Toys dot the outside of the house, and are strewn in the family living and dining area. Stools hang at head height,  poised against a counter top.

The kids’ room is any child’s dream, with fire truck bed, painted murals and an array of stuffed toys, all affixed to the ceiling of course. The garage houses a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, with extra tires and a small collection of tools. The architect’s obvious humor for creating such a whimsical house can eve be seen in the bathroom, where thetoilet seat is left up, to the eternal chagrin of the home’s fictitious wife no less.

This house in Tertens is not the first upside down project, but will surely be a hit amongst tourists in the area!

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Images ©Reuters / Dominic Ebenbichler