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The Climate Protection Supermarket by LOVE Architecture is self-sufficient in terms of energy production and actually produces more than the store uses, making it Austria’s first energy self-sufficient supermarket. To achieve such a high level of efficiency, the building itself first had to be designed to minimize heat gain and loss. The wood and galvanized sheet steel coated facade covers a highly insulated envelope. Energy efficient LED technology and daylight control systems work to reduce lighting loads, and building technology includes room ventilation, heat recovery and a sectional foundation slab for cooling and heating.

The building’s roof features green roof circles to infiltrate rain water and landscaping around the building, and the parking lot was maximized to achieve a hydrologic balance. Building materials were chosen with a preference towards those that were solvent free, non-toxic, sustainable, separable and reusable. A photovoltaic power plant is located in the parking lot, and a hydropower turbine will be installed in the adjacent Mühlgang stream for energy generation. These two systems work together to generate more power than the building actually uses, and the excess is fed to the local grid.

So how well does your local market stack up to this one?

Via ArchDaily

Images ©Jasmin Schuller