jeroen bisscheroux

The Work of Jeroen Bisscheroux & Michiel Voet As artists, we specialize in concepts for public and urban space, projects whose social character plays a major role. These concepts generate a great deal of energy and engagement from the widely diverse groups with whom we work. For our part, we gain a sharper picture of what is happening in the society around us, how public processes evolve, how decisions are reached and what the results of these decisions are. We are interested in all of this in order to more clearly determine our own role as artists and apply ourselves in relevant social contexts. The practical limitations of art in public space are part of the creative process. The field of tension between the power of the imagination and existing rules and regulations is an interesting factor. Within the margins of what is physically or technically possible, it is the imagination that must ultimately transcend the limitations. This way, we try to offer our users, participants and audiences a different, more personal reality. Our work is increasingly balanced between architecture, fine art and design. This mixture of disciplines originated in our using ‘the work of art’ in interaction with our audiences. For us, working along the cutting edges of our disciplines is extremely exciting: we create more possibilities or tools by which we can see beyond the frontiers of a specifically defined commission. The world in which we as artists wish to partake is made much larger, but most of all, it is made much richer.