Maria Novozhilova

Maria Novozhilova, born in Russia, Chelyabinsk, is a licensed architect, a competition winning designer and a multi trained visionary who lives and works in Milan. Graduated from Politecnico di Milano, she has been involved in a wide range of projects that vary from product and furniture design to architecture and urban planning, to big data analysis and research on new media. As an independent designer she collaborates with industrial firms and works on private commissions. Though so different, all her works are extremely flexible, attentive to user experience, and exalt intrinsic characteristics of employed materials and peculiarities of production techniques. Maria is also a mom of two. Inspired by the motherhood she started a very special school of English for kids in Milan called My English Day Along with teaching English the school focuses its attention on art, creativity and often employs many green ideas such as recycling, reuse and gardening.