Mariecor Agravante

Mariecor Agravante is a freelance writer and ghostwriter. Besides Inhabitat, she has written for Pocket Sense,,, Medium,,, California Business Journal, Go Bambino, Plurality Press Interpunct Blog, USA Today, Red Tricycle, (website no longer live after the company rebranded), Military Experience & The Arts, Inc.'s Blue Streak: A Journal of Military Poetry, War Writers' Campaign, Paradis Publications Journal of Epistemology, O-Dark-Thirty, and a number of other publications and blog sites. Mariecor is also a professional photographer-videographer and artist (illustration, painting, and digital design), with some of her photography and artwork being found on Minted, Fine Art America, and other art websites. During her free time, Mariecor devotes herself to her family as a Daughter, a Wife, and a Mom. She and her family enjoy various hobbies, including travel. Mariecor graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Gonzaga University.